About Us

About KhodeCo

KhodeCo is an online shopping destination that was founded in Uganda in 2020. KhodeCo offers a wide range of Products and Services including electronics, gaming, and sporting; gardening and outdoor; computing, women’s fashion, men’s fashion, children’s fashion, health and beauty; home and office; phones and tablets; general supermarket items, as well as other items that help You – the Customer; get what you need. After winning trust in Uganda, we aim higher for the Regional, Continental and Global territories.


Our goal is to provide Customers with unique Products and Services. We aim to discover new Product and Service trends that are tailored to our clients. We are committed to leading the users towards a pursuit of their ideal life with comfort and inspirational shopping.

Brand slogan

Building Smiles through Great Deals

We strive to lead the market by offering the Best Products and Quickest Services thus happy customers.

Brand Mission

Our reason for existence is to ‘Provide High Quality and Affordable Products and Services with uniqueness tailored to the Customer’.


‘To be the leading e-commerce destination in Uganda’

The vision will be achieved through availing the best user experience while offering high-quality Products and Services.

Payment security and service Guarantee

KhodeCo provides globally acceptable Secure Payment methods to the convenience of users. Our risk control system ensures your payment security.


We offer a hassle-free Returns Policy and a 24/7 Customer Support service with Live chat and other options.

Delivery service

Delivery by KhodeCo engages user-friendly, cost-efficient, and reliable Express methods covering all regions in Uganda.


Building Smiles through Great Deals